More Exposure for Asphalt 8 - Amazon Fire TV

Quick review by Verge
I just dicovered today at gamezone that Gameloft has included it's top games in the new Amazon Fire TV.   It's really quiet surprising why they choose to select mobile games and integrate it to a wide screen in the form of the the Fire TV from Amazon.  First off with minescraft which is already a 2D in the pocket edition won't probably make any difference when placed in a bigger screen.

Asphalt 8 on the other hand has some great graphics even in the mobile platform and I think it would greatly highlight this feature when played in the big screen.  It is great to know that Gameloft has continued to push its game and when you come to think of it, it was just a month ago when they added the Lykan as a new update to the game. You can read it here by the way.

For those of you who are interested in the new Amazon TV, you can read a whole review on their site HERE.
It's not just a TV but a full entertainment package.  But then again, when other gadgets around, lets hope it can hold up to the competition.